Finally a flexible display worth its pixels

Flexible displays have finally come of age.




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Although companies have since long promised to bring futuristic paper-like displays since quite some time, the results so far have been hardly pixel-worthy.

With the prototype of the ReFlex however, this scenario has come to change. The prototype from the Queen University has finally brought life to a device that is tantalizingly worthy of your expectations.

So as to build the prototype, the researchers have mated a 720p flexible LG OLED display to bend sensors and haptic feedback motors. The device is powered by Android 4.4 and comes with its own set of custom drivers, placed in the non-flexible part beside the display.

Bending the device, will result in flipping of pages, just like as in a book. However, its function differs from that of flipping through a book, as the more you bend it the faster it flips the pages.

However, the device is not just limited to reading e-books. You can even play Angry Birds: the more you bend the device the tighter the rubber band stretches for you to fling the bird.

Thanks to the voice-coil haptic motors, you can even quite precisely “feel” the pages flipping action or the slingshot stretching out for a launch in Angry Birds.

According to Roel Vertegaal, director of Queens Media La, the haptics allows your “eyes free navigation, making it easier for users to keep track of where [you] are in a document.”

The researchers plan on demonstration the device at a human-computer interaction conference in Netherlands. They believe commercial devices of this genre should be available within the next 5 years, if not less.