Researchers can spot 174 genetic problems through one blood test

Thanks to a new technique, researchers can identify 174 genetic issues from a single blood test. There is however a catch, to identify it, they need to know of it from beforehand.




TNT - Gene test spots all known inherited heart conditions

Just in case you are worried about your genetic disposition to a particular heart condition, say arrhythmia, you need not lose your beauty sleep over it anymore.

Researchers have developed a test from which they can detect all known inherited heart problems from just a blood test – provided they know it from beforehand. Essentially if they know about it, they can spot it.

Previous such tests looked at only a handful of genes, which were only useful in a few particular circumstances. The new technique however can identify 174 genes which are linked to potentially life-threatening health problems. As you may have guessed, this technique from just a simple blood test, can transform the field of medicine.

If you have genetic predisposition to a life threatening problem, you need not anymore wait for it to manifest before treating it. You could mitigate the problem much before it shows its head. Furthermore, the treatment is likely to bring down costs and be less burdensome to patients.

Doctors could test a whole family and see their genetic predisposition, instead of waiting and observing one person for years, just in case the genetic problem manifests.

Although this won’t spare you from gulping down any pills, it is very likely that it will stop the tragedy that is waiting to happen right on its tracks.