High-res smartphones for less money will be the coming reality

Imagination Technology’s chips are what is powering the iPhone’s pixel glee. Its latest next gen chipsets will now be powering mid and low-end smartphones.




TNT - Cheap smartphones will soon get much better graphics

The company that has created the graphics chip for the much appreciated iPhone now wants to make its creation more accessible to consumers.

Imagination Technologies, now intends to manufacture its pixel crunching expertise into a new series of chips which are vastly more powerful than their predecessors and more significantly, it plans on installing these chips on dirt cheap smartphones.

Imagination Technologies’ new PowerVR 8XE chips are not only more powerful but are less prone to crashing. Their design allows them to capitalize on the new Vulkan API, which promises to bring graphics intensive gaming to smartphones.

Instead of building bigger chips, Imagination Technologies thinks it could substantially cut down the size form factor and improve chip efficiency. It hopes to install those not only in mid and low-end smartphones but also in cars and set-top boxes.

The smaller chips would not only make the PowerVR 8XE chipsets more efficient but cheaper to manufacture as well. This leaner manufacturing is likely to result in downward pricing and their subsequent installation in mid and low end smartphones. Furthermore the efficiency could also result in less power consumption, which means rather than guzzle, the chip would sip at the smartphone’s power reserves.

Joe Chen, Co-CEO at MediaTek, said he is pretty excited at making use of this technology saying he is “delighted” to be one of the first firms that will get access to the goodies.