BBC readies the launch of Planet Earth II in 4K

Sir David Attenborough will be the point man guiding us through the fascinating habitats in full 4K glory.



TNT - BBC captures nature in 4K for 'Planet Earth II' Cover

For those of you who have binge watched BBC’s earlier documentaries such as Planet Earth, Nature’s Great Events and The Human Planet, please take a seat since BBC is now gearing up for the release of Planet Earth II in full 4K glory.

The series will follow a six-part format and will pick up where the original 2006 trailed off. Like its predecessor, Planet Earth II will explore jungles, including concrete ones, grasslands and deserts and much to the delight of viewers they can subject their ocular senses to the “the extraordinary ways animals survive within them.”

Unlike the 2006 edition, Planet Earth II will be entirely in 4K.

“It will be a truly immersive experience, providing audiences with a unique perspective on the most extraordinary places and animals on our planet,” said Mike Gunton, Planet Earth II’s executive producer.

As always, the icing on the cake will be Sir David Attenborough, whose voice-over will carry the narrative and detail how animals survive in the wild.